The 4-Year Medical School Program in English is designed for college graduates, or college students with 90+ credits, who have completed the following Pre-Med Requirements:

- 2 Semesters (8 Credits) Biology (with Labs)
- 2 Semesters (8 Credits) General Chemistry (with Labs)
- 2 Semesters (8 Credits) Organic Chemistry (with Labs)
- 2 Semesters (8 Credits) Physics (with Labs)
- 2 Semesters (6 Credits) English Courses


The 6-Year English-Speaking Medical School Program at The Medical University of Lodz has been designed as a High School-Direct Program for qualified high school graduates, who have a strong high school background in BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS, or for college graduates/students who have NOT yet completed the above-mentioned college-level Pre-Med Courses.


AIM/The Medical University of Lodz accepts students once per year, for the Fall Semester, and operates on a rolling admissions basis. Therefore, your application can be forwarded to us at any time during the year. The earlier sent, the better your chances for admission.

US, Canadian, and non-US applicants should familiarize themselves with the licensure requirements of the particular state, jurisdiction, or country of interest, regarding the applicant's pre-medical education. Since each licensing authority sets its own criteria with respect to an applicant's required pre-medical training, the specific requirements will vary across states, jurisdictions, and countries. It is the student's responsibility to follow and meet the licensure requirements of those states in the USA or provinces of Canada, in which they eventually might be interested in obtaining a license to practice medicine.


Prospective applicants can go online to and download an Application, or contact our New York Office at 212-967-2411, to request one. In order for an applicant to be considered for matriculation, the following documents must be submitted to our New York Office at:

NEW YORK, NY 10118

1/ Completed Application (Signed and Dated)
2/ (2) Letters of Recommendation
3/ Official Transcripts from all Colleges/Universities/Professional Schools attended, bearing the raised seal of the institution
4/ (5) Passport Photos signed on the back
5/ COPY of Photo Page of Passport
6/ $75 USD Application Processing Fee (Personal Check/Money Order)
7/ COPY of Police Certificate of Clearance - Obtain through your local Sheriff's Office or State Police (Keep the ORIGINAL with you when traveling to Poland.)
8/ ORIGINAL of Health/Immunization Forms - Contact your Family Physician in order to have these forms filled out. (Keep a COPY for your files).


1/ COPY of High School Diploma
2/ OFFICIAL High School Transcript
3/ NOSTRIFICATION of High School Diploma/Certificate

A High School Diploma/Certificate obtained outside of Poland has to be legalized (Nostrified) in the country in which it was issued. In order to have your High School Diploma nostrified, the 6-Year Applicant must contact the Polish Consulate nearest to his/her home in the US or Canada, and request an APPLICATION FOR NOSTRIFICATION, as well as further instructions regarding the Nostrification process. Nostrification Documents must be TRANSLATED into Polish.


After receipt of an Application plus supporting documents, the Medical University of Lodz Admissions Committee reviews the materials and makes a decision in regards to scheduling the applicant for a mandatory telephone interview.

During this admissions process, the Admission Committee considers many factors to determine if the applicant possesses the stongest potential and motivation to succeed in a medical school environment. Each applicant is evaluated and selected on the basis of such factors as educational background, major area of study, level of difficulty of completed coursework, intellectual and social maturity, volunteer and work experience, as well as the outcome of the Admissions Committee telephone interview. MCAT scores are optional.

Several weeks after the interview process, the Admissions Committee notifies each applicant via email of their decision. Upon acceptance, the applicant then receives a Letter of Acceptance from the Dean of The Medical University of Lodz.

The accepted applicant is then requested to mail into AIM a Non-Refundable $750 Admissions/Seat Placement Fee, within TWO WEEKS time, in order to hold his position at The Medical University of Lodz for that particular semester. At that time, AIM forwards to the applicant our Welcome Packet Letter, which provides all relevant information necessary for him to travel to Poland, and begin his medical education. This includes information regarding Financial Aid, Travel, Visas, Orientation, Booklists, Academic Calendars, and Dorm/ Apartment Accommodations.


AIM/The Medical University of Lodz Programs are open to a select number of Transfer Students who have fulfilled certain criteria. The Medical University will consider only those credits obtained at medical schools recognized by the W.H.O. Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and is solely at the discretion of the University. All Transfer Students are required to meet the same documentation requirements as first-time applicants. Students who have taken the USMLE, successfully or not, must also provide copies of their test scores.


ADMISSIONS ADVISORS: The medical school application process can be a daunting experience. We at AIM/The Medical University of Lodz have an expert team of admission advisors available to respond to all applicants' questions and concerns in a fast and proficient manner. Please feel free to contact our well- informed Admissions Advisors at 212-967-2411.

(It is the policy of AIM/The Medical University of Lodz that there shall be no discrimination against persons based upon race, religion, age, creed, color, gender, disability, sexual orientation, national orientation, marital status, veteran status, or political belief/affiliation. Equal opportunity shall be available to all applicants.)


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